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Conveyor belts

Conveyor Belts

The conveyor belts are made from time to time on specific needs customer. The methods of manufacture and the choice of materials to be used, is effected according to the type of product to be transported. The conveyor belts can use smooth-belts, plastic modular-belt or in some cases metal-belt. As an alternative to classic shaped sheet it is possible to realize the conveyor belt totally in tubular to facilitate internal cleaning and sanitizing.

The conveyor belts of the Zennato offer excellent performance and ensure a long service life in the various applications and can be made in almost all widths and lengths, with a wide range of flights shaped, sides boards, loading/unloading hoppers and other accessories.

The structure of our conveyors transmits solidity and strength, thanks to the special inner frame between the shaped sheets. The whole is supported by tubular legs designed in such a way as to support important loads. Our internal technical office uses the best software for the development of three-dimensional layout, to be able to design and build systems for handling and accumulation of process and packaging lines.