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Zennato Conveyor Systems

Zennato Conveyor Systems has been operating since 1979 in the food industry with the invention, design and manufacture of machines for the transport and sealing of food.

Launched initially as a manufacturer of conveyor belts, in a few years it has become a big production company, acquiring skills and experience that can develop technologies and solutions for both horizontal and vertical transportation.

Zennato’s strength is the attention and the carefulness to detail in the design. Also the continuous working relationship with the customer leads to build applications based on specific customer requirements and in relation to his product. The Zennato distinguishes itself by the ability to analyze and find solutions of engineering. In addition to the willingness to accept challenges for the development of new applications, and timely delivery.

The company has a production, pre-assembly and testing area of over 1000 square meters. Moreover Zennato has offices for the technical realization of three-dimensional design using the latest softwares.
Zennato’s product range offered varies from classical conveyor belts for the accumulation or the combination with automatic packaging machines, to the spiral conveyor. From machine for tying, to turnkey systems for end users in areas such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics.