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Spiral conveyor

Spiral conveyor

The spiral conveyor is a compact and extremely reliable for the vertical transport of all packaged products such as boxes, bags, bottles, jars, containers, plateau, crates (for fruits, vegetables, meat or fish, etc..) newspapers, magazines, books, etc.
No controls are needed, as the spiral provides a continuous flow of products in a simple and reliable way like a normal conveyor belt. Its simple innovative and compact design is the key that saves valuable space and get large steps in elevation.
The strong structure of our machines can withstand heavy loads up to 60 kg/ml and also reaches the speed of 80 m/min. The spiral conveyor can be equipped with a single or multiple lane and it doesn’t require any maintenance. The chain is made up slats suitable for food use and trolleys acetal resin reinforced, supported by bearings that run on specific guides. The spiral conveyor is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder for the recovery of the chain in excess so as to ensure a constant tension.
The machines are tailor-made in stainless steel or painted steel to meet the requirements of every single customer depending on the product. The customization possibilities may include:

  • the overall dimension
  • the stretching of the input/output for interfacing with the lines upstream and downstream
  • the degrees of orientation between the input and output
  • the slope of the coils
  • the side boards containing the products

There is also the opportunity to use as a vertical accumulation storage (LIFO) through a single spiral conveyor operated both upward and downward, or as a vertical accumulation storage (FIFO) through two spiral conveyors operated one upward and the other downward.